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Your head pained as you rolled out of bed into the bathroom. The mirror reflected nothing but the dullness and paleness of your face. You exited the restroom to find your phone was the only thing that was left with you.

There were more than twenty missed calls and fifteen texts from Alfred. You tossed the phone on the soft bed, pouncing back on it. You didn't want to face Alfred back at home, or anywhere in general. You had called Arthur, your best friend to order you a ticket back home - promising to pay him back in the near future.

All you wanted was to leave of California.

Alfred was more than afraid at the least as he was sitting on his couch. You hadn't been answering anything since he saw you last night. Could anything have possibly happened? All that he remembered was you going to the bar to retrieve a drink, and him being pulled away with a director to talk about starring in a Hollywood movie. The rest were blurred memories.

"Where is Miss (Name), Mr. Jones?" One of his maids asked.

"I'm trying to figure that out myself." he only replied before exiting the house to find you, without speaking another word. Alfred went back to the bar, asking if they had any information.

"Oh yeah, I saw her last night." The bartender had a clue. "I remember a guy carrying her out though. Gah... He was also one of the actors in the agencies." But he couldn't recall his name. All the bartender could remember was that the actor had brown hair and green eyes. Alfred only thanked him before leaving and his phone ringing from texts. Alfred clicked open his phone, reading the text message.

"Hey Al. It's (Name). I am boarding the plane right now. I don't want to face you. What I did was too shameful to be said. I can't explain more than only to say that I'm sorry. I want to cry at the thought of it. Alfred, let's break up. This is goodbye. Please don't come to find me.

- (Name)."

This was too sudden. Tons of questions popped into Alfred's head as he passed by a motel, eavesdropping on a woman's conversation over the phone.

"And she was raped too... I felt so bad so I offered her a room at my own cost."

"Excuse me?" Alfred went up to her as her eyes widen and she began to fangirl.

"Are you Alfred F. Jones!?" Alfred nodded as she immediately flipped her hair back. "What can I help you with?"

"You said someone was raped and you offered them a room. How did she look like? My girlfriend disappeared this morning and left me a message..."

"She had (long/short colored) hair... (e/c) eyes... She was about (height) tall..." The woman nodded at the information that she just said, confirming it.

"That helps! Thanks!" Alfred only rushed to the main streets to call a taxi. He was going to find you and... and... Well, he could always decide that later!

Alfred ignored all his booking that evening, and flew to your hometown - he was bound to find you; again.


"What are you doing here, (Name)?" Arthur placed a cup on the table, hoping to calm you.

You didn't speak. Too afraid to tell Arthur, perhaps.

"I was raped." Arthur flew down to the sofa next to you.

"What!?" Your eyes grew weak, and began tearing. "Did you tell that wanker? What was his name again?"

"Alfred." Your reply was simply short.

"Him," Arthur answered. "Did you tell him?" You could hear empathy in the Brit's voice. You only shook your head.

"I was too frightened to," you shuffled on your seat. "I don't want to face him. I sent him a message before I left telling him to not find me." Arthur nodded.

"You do know that he's going to come after you anyways, right?"

You nodded.

"Don't worry about it. You're in my house now, there's no one that can harm you." The Brit whirled his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his soft soul.

You ended up falling asleep on Arthur's arms.


"Bloody idiot." Arthur's voice rang in the corner of your ear.

You woke up on the sofa, looking at the same blue eyes that you left back in the Western hills.

"I'm sorry, love. He got a detective to stalk you. This loud American almost barged in my house, and broke my wooden door!"

"Don't say that! I stalk her because I love and care for (Name), okay? You bushy eyebrows..." Alfred murmured the last part.

"(Name), I'm sorry."

You looked away in shame, as Arthur left you and Alfred in the living room - probably heading to the kitchen to bake more signature scones.

"I know what happened, I heard about it..."

"So news travel that quickly."

"I know you-

"I'm sorry, Alfred. I know you feel ashamed to have me now..." You interrupted.

"I'm not," you saw him smiled, face gleaming with pride. "In fact, I'm more than happy to have you back again."

Tears began to store up gradually.


"Because I love you, duh." Alfred says the words ever so relaxed, as if nothing had happened. "Isn't the hero suppose to calm the superwoman?"

"No," you laugh through your struggles. "It's the exact opposition."

"Well whatever," Alfred shrugged. "I said it, and that's that." Alfred pulled you into his grasp abruptly, causing you to gasp. "I love you, don't ever leave me like that."

"Alfr-" His lips landed on yours transiently.

"Please promise me you won't go."

"I-I promise, Alfred." You pulled away. "But what about your career in California?"

"Forget that," he patted your head. "I don't really care as long as you're here."

"No, you have to work! Who's going to support the family?"

Alfred let out an audible laugh. "Family, huh?"

"I'm sorry." You looked away, shameful of your outburst.

"I like the sound of that," Alfred nodded his head. "Only if you're the woman in the house."

"Alfred..." You cupped his cheeks.

"I moved my schedule to (your hometown) so I can live with you. Don't worry. I'm still working - for you."

Hours seemed to have passed as Alfred and yourself talked, pushing aside the things that happened in California. Though Alfred himself hadn't given up finding the criminal that did such a thing, especially to the love of his life.


I own nothing of the Hetalia characters, they all belong to Himaruya Hidekaz respectively. I only own the story and the plot line that follows.
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