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“Guess what, Kiku!” The Japanese turned to face Belou. “I found a publisher that will publish our manga on the shelves!”

“For real?!” Kiku let out a sound of questioning as Belou nodded.

“They said they will undoubtedly, and they want us to bring the first volume in tomorrow so they can mass produce it.”Kiku nodded. “So that’s do that together tomorrow!” Kiku stood up.

“I should head home then.”

Belou didn’t want him to go, of course – she wouldn’t tell him that. “You can stay here tonight!”


“I mean – because we need to go to the publisher tomorrow… It makes it much easier.

“Of course,” Kiku repeated. “Of course. I apologize, Belou.”

“This story isn’t half bad,” the publisher, Mr. Jones was inspecting the manga. “and artworks are simply wonderful.”

“So, what will your answer be – Mr. Jones?” Belou was rushing him as Mr. Jones smiled.

“Consider it published.” Mr. Jones ignored Belou and Kiku’s cheers as he phoned the workers. “Publish the manga samples I just sent you. It’s called The Awkward Two by Kiku Honda and Belou Makaela.” He waited. “Yes. Yes. 12,000 copies for now.”

12,000 copies.

12,000 copies.

12,000 COPIES!?

“There. 12,000 copies will be on the shelves by Tuesday.”

Kiku bowed. “Thank you, Jones-san.” Belou only did the same. Mr. Jones was later called out on business, as Belou and Kiku were escorted out of the building.

“This is awesome, and pretty amazing – Kiku!” Kiku bobbed his head up and down. “What’s wrong, Kiku? You’re not talking much.”

KIku stopped Belou in her track, holding her hands. “Thank you, Belou.”

Belou tried to smile as best she could. “What’s with the sudden-“

“You made my dream come true,” Kiku faintly smiled. “That’s all.”

“Your dream?”

Kiku nodded his head once more. “I have always wanted to publish my own manga ever since I was younger,” he paused. “But I was too shy to even speak up. And then you came in to my life.” Kiku squeezed Belou’s hands tighter. “I am so glad I met you, Belou. You changed m-“

“Don’t say that, Kiku!” Belou laughed wholeheartedly. “I wanted to publish a manga too! I didn’t do it just for you, you know!”

“I-I see,” Kiku looked down on the concrete ground. “E-Excuse me.”

Kiku halted at a taxi as he went home in embarrassment.

He was so close to confessing to Belou.

But he couldn’t do it.

His hands felt his cheeks.

They were flaring up in temperature.

Belou on the other hand, mentally smacked herself – standing alone on the sidewalks.

She was also so close to confessing.

But she couldn’t do it.

Her hands felt her cheeks.

They were flaring up in heat.

Oh goodness.

This was terrible.

Belou’s phone rang. “Hello? Mr. Jones?”

“The manga is extremely well-liked by the media, as I just toss some samples online. Make more, dudes! Bring in volume two and three for me next week! K, bye!”

Mr. Jones hung up before Belou could speak.

This was going to be terrible.

Kiku and Belou were seriously in an awkward position now.

How could Belou ever tell Kiku?  

How could Belou finish this with Kiku anyway!?

That night, Belou phoned Kiku.

More or less, in an awkward manner.





“I’m sorry about today,” Belou paused. “I am really happy that you said that to me.”

Kiku clutched the red charm in his hand as he spoke to Belou.

“Kiku? Are you listening?”


“Mr. Jones would like us to finish volume two, and three by next week.”

“Why so quickly?”

“He said that the media is flaring up the samples on the web.” Belou cracked a smile just talking to Kiku.

“I’ll finish my own proportion at home, and I’ll bring it you.”

Was Kiku avoiding Belou?”

Belou didn’t question him any further than needed, though she felt a little upset at his unfaltering words.


Kiku could swear he heard a bit of sadness in Belou’s voice, but he, also – didn’t question her any further. He just hung up, not wanting to speak any farther.

He needed a good clear of his mind.
Chapter 2 commission for ~LeaderLugiayes.


Belou OC belongs to ~LeaderLugiayes.

Japan, and other Hetalia character mentioned belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.

Story belongs to me. :heart:
Urrukaness Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
JTxgijbiytdiygv Sooooo clooosseeee *flail*

I am LOVING THIS! :love: The wait is defenitly worth it~ <3 I can't wait to see how you close this up :D

... So much talk about The Awkward Two that even I want to read it xD
HillsOfSilence Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know how I'm closing this yet...



Thank you! I want to read it too...
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