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You were a servant. A lowly viewed ant who no one cared about. 

He was a king. A high and mighty ruler who had everything he wanted at his fingertip. 

Never would they collide. All you know was that you could never get close to him. 


Today was the day of the seasonal festival and the whole castle was busy, thrown in preparation. 

"Did you hear? King Arthur of Great Britain will be coming tonight as well!" You heard one of the maid say. 

"Really?" The other replied and sighed. "But we servants will never get a chance to dance with him. He's a king; who are we kidding..." They only walked away, carrying the decorations elsewhere to post. 

It was a masquerade ball, they said. 

It was going to be fun, they said. 

Everyone was going to have a chance, they said. 

But unfortunately, not for you. 

You wanted a change. To be away from the servant life and thrown inside the royalty of a princess, or even a foreign queen. It didn't matter; but just not a servant girl. 

That evening, you sneaked away with the nicest gown you had owned. It was white, long and enough to show your class. It was given by your Grandmother, who was a much higher ranked person than you were in her times. She had once wore the dress with pride, and you were going to also do the same. 

You stripped yourself before letting the long dress fit you perfectly. Simple makeup would do. Your mother had said that your father didn't like her makeup done too far, so you learned from her lecture. 

You only topped that beautiful dress with your simple shoes, hoping no one would see too clearly. You took one last look in the mirror at yourself before heading out. 

Hopefully no one would see you sneaking. 


You had arrived at the ballroom, watching guests enter and go with their partner. The room was fill with chatter, large words and bigger meanings that you couldn't comprehend. 

"Here, Ma'am. May I offer you a mask?" You turned around at the sight of a man, who was holding up a mask. You nodded, smiled and took the mask, wrapping it against your face - hiding your identity. 

You heard trumpets play, drums roll and men enter. Your eyes turned to the door as the men begin to line up. 

"Presenting your majesty King Arthur Kirkland of the royal kingdom of Great Britain!" Your eyes widen at the sight of the young king, who was now showing himself as he entered. 

His green eyes were gleaming upon the crowd, head held high as a royalty would and almost emotionless, looking amongst seas of people. You saw the people's head bow down as you did the same, not wanting to be disrespectful. 

"Rise." His voice was collected, not even afraid. He must have a lot of experience with public speaking. Then again. He was a king. 

You then saw him walk off to many other men, taking their hand and shaking it. "Ladies and gentlemen of various nations, music will now play. Please find yourself a partner and dance to your heart's content."

You looked around, searching for a partner. Everyone had their own half, and it was just you - probing around for a gentleman to dance with. Talking about dancing; you barely knew how. 

"May I have this dance?" Your eyes turned to face his green ones. 

"King... Arthur..." You manage to murmur out of your shocked mind. 

"May I? You seem to be the only one available." You only nodded as you felt his hands snake around your waist. You had no clue what to do as you heard King Arthur chuckle. "Step on my feet. I'll lead you." 

"I can't do that... You're a king, my lord." You replied at his outrageous comment. 

"Tonight, we are partners." His green eyes stabbed into your (e/c) ones. "Or do you not believe in me, Miss...?" 

"(Name), my lord." You answered. 

"Very well, Miss (Name). And please. Call me Arthur instead." He only motioned for you to step onto his feet, as you slowly did. You felt his hand grasp tighter around your waist, and somehow that only made you more secured. Your head lean upon his chest, eyes closing. You felt the entire room quiet, lights shining down on you and Arthur. 

"Tell me a secret about yourself, Miss (Name)." 

"I'm not a princess, nor a queen." You heard Arthur chuckle. 

"Then perhaps a duchess or a countess, no?" You felt him continuing to sway you across the dance floor. 

"No, Arthur." His name was sweeter than cotton candy, the way you said it. "I'm a servant." You felt him stop.

"You?" You only backed away from Arthur, frowned and took off your mask.

"I am, and I'm sorry." You only rushed out of the ballroom as you heard Arthur shout after you. 

Never had a king as important as him made an outburst for you. 


You had fallen asleep in your dress. But the fairytale had to end. It was time for work, and perhaps even punishment if anyone had found out. 

"(Name)! Oh my goodness! Did you hear about the rumor yet?!" You shook your head, wanting to hear. "Many say that you were the mystery woman last night! And King Arthur from Great Britain is downstairs, demanding to see every woman named (Name)!" 


They were definitely summoning for you soon. 


You shouldn't have taken off your mask last night. 

"(Name)! His majesty wants to see you along with King Arthur." 

Time to face the truth.

You strolled down the corridors, admiring one last view of the castle. Who knew what could happen down there. You entered the room with one last push of the door. You bowed as you heard King Arthur slightly gasp in surprise. 
"Oh right. It was the first time he was seeing me in servant clothes."

You saw your king look over to King Arthur, who only nodded in confirmation. "(Name)?" Your eyes looked up into his, making eye contact. 

"Arthur... It's me." Your hearty response was cut off by the king's aggressive pound against his throne chair. 

"You! You lowly servant! You are going to prison for life!" You wanted to respond as Arthur kneel down on his knees beside you. 


"Sir," Arthur's eyes pierced through truths. "I want to marry her." You blinked. "(Name) is the woman I need and want to spend my life with for the rest of eternity." 

"This piece of trash is nothing to be kneeled down for, Sir! Your knees are of gold and your words are golden as the sun!" Your king was now taken back by Arthur's action. 

"I'm willing to give up everything for her; even my throne," Arthur only replied and turned to you. "Will you be willing to become my queen?" 

You nodded madly. Your dream to be with him was only coming true. Arthur grabbed you into his embrace as he stroked your back. "Promise me I'll be your one and only, Arthur..." Arthur pulled back, looking into your now tear-filled eyes. 

"I promise," he replied as he clashed his lips on yours. "I love you, (Name). I do. I really do." 

"So do I. I love you, King Arthur." Arthur only smiled as he patted your head. 

"Queen (Name)." 


A month later, the two of you wedded in the holy cathedral with you wearing a grand wedding dress, just enough for a queen. Though this time, a baby bump was showing in your dress, which made it a little harder for fitting. In the end though, it worked with a little adjustment. 

"The baby's kicking, Artie..." You smiled at your husband, who was now making his way to you, laying a hand on your growing stomach.

"What energy." You heard a knock as a servant entered the room. 

"The ceremony is starting, my lords." 

You entwined your arm with Arthur's as you strolled down the aisle, with people throwing flower petals as you walked down with your soon-to-be husband. You felt Arthur's hand grab yours, calming your heartbeat. 

You were now facing the father, who was smiling down on you and Arthur - as if he was giving you blessings for the present and future. "(Name) (Last name), will you stay by Arthur Kirkland's side no matter the wealth, the pain, the health and whatever happens - you vow to be there for him. Do you promise to do that until eternity? Are you, (Name) (Last name), willing to take Arthur Kirkland, King of Great Britain as your lawful wedded husband?" 

"I do." You smiled upon the father as you replied, who only gave you a smile back as he turned to look at Arthur with the equal caring look. 

"Arthur Kirkland, will you stay by (Name) (Last name)'s side no matter the wealth, the pain, the health and whatever happens - you vow to be there for her. Do you promise to do that until eternity? Are you, Arthur Kirkland, King of Great Britain willing to take (Name) (Last name) as your lawful wedded wife?"

Arthur only looked to you with his gorgeous green eyes as he turned back to the father. "I do."  

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," The father smiled from his heart. "I give you my eternal blessings." Arthur's lips was then on yours.

You felt your husband lift you up lovingly, and carefully - hoping not to hurt the baby. He wanted to control himself, but love you the same way as everyone else does. 

"Long live King Arthur and Queen (Name)!" The crowd cheered as Arthur brought you out of the cathedral. 

"I love you, have I told you that?" He whispered into your ear lovingly. 

"You did," you giggled. "But I wanted to tell you I love you too." 
This is to all my 118 watchers and many more to come. I really everyone commenting and the favorites that I receive, I really do. Thank you all so much! :iconfrancemuahplz:

This was originally supposed to be for 110 watchers, but I got 8 more as I continued writing! I hope I will have 200 soon; I want to write! <3

I'm doing commission now too: so just comment me on my profile!

You (c) :iconsexyenglandplz:
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Plot (c) =HillsOfSilence

I hope you all enjoyed this short and fluffy story of England~ :iconiggybrowsplz:
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