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February 24, 2013
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Being in second year of college was a lot of stress, especially with the workload that all the professors were giving.

It was now close to Christmas break, which was always amazing. This New Year's Eve you were planning to spend with some friends at a club; they told you it was going to be fun, or so you hope.


Today being New Year's Eve, you were trying your best to look as casual yet classy as possible; hoping not failing both.

"(Name)! You're here! Meet my boyfriend's friend!" You were dragged off by (Your Best Friend's Name) to another corner of the room, where her boyfriend and another friend of his were now standing. "This is Arthur," (Best Friend's Name)'s hand pointed toward Arthur, the green-eyed man who was standing with a champagne glass in his hand. "And this is (Name)."

Arthur's hand reached out, smiling. "Pleased to meet you, (Name). I'm Arthur Kirkland - from England." Your hand reached out to touch his.

It almost felt as if you knew him. "Please to meet you too, Arthur." You gave him a bright smile.

"Have we met before?" Arthur placed his champagne glass on a nearby table as he spoke, a British accent flowing.

"Whoa," you heard your best friend spoke up. "Already trying to hit on that, Arthur?"

"I do not intend on doing such an unruly thing. Though, (Name) does look like someone I know, is all." Arthur gave you a slight smile as you returned the manner.

"You guys should dance!" Your friend was already larched onto her boyfriend's arm.

"I do not dance to such music, I only do slow music." Arthur and yourself had replied in unison. You turn to him as you chuckle.

"Ladies and gentlemen, slow music are on its way. No need to panic if you're not into fast beat music."


And the slow music replaced the quick melodies in matter of minutes.

"May I have this dance?" Arthur offered out his hand as you nodded, placing your own hand on his. He was now leading you out to the floors. You placed your hand on his shoulder as he placed his on your waist. The two other hands joined together as he started leading you through the slow rhapsody.

You shut your eyes, head relaxing on the British gentleman's shoulder.

Memories began to recall itself.

Unfamiliar scenes, with familiar faces.

And Arthur seems to be experiencing the same thing, because you felt him shift uncomfortably.

'"The sun is setting, Arthur...' You tapped his shoulder to gain his attention. His head jerked to watch the sun, slowing setting down with the once clear blue sky turning bright red. 'Nothing's going to separate us anymore, right?'

'Right,' You feel his cold hand entwine with yours and that was the moment you feel security seep in your soul. 'We'll be together, forever. Like we promised.'

Promise was such a beautiful thing."

You shut your eyes further to stop the memories, but the effort was useless.

"Looking to the side, you noticed a note about to blow away. The penmanship was definitely Arthur's.

'To (Name),

I wish I could only stay a little longer.

- Arthur.'

Tears began to drip.

Arthur was gone.

Your finger lost grasp of the note that lingered on your finger as you also began to vanish, catching only one last transient glance at Heaven.

The beautiful Heaven that once belonged to you and Arthur."

The song came to an end as Arthur brought you back to the table.

"Arthur Kirkland, right?" You watch him nod.

"(Name) (Last name)?" You nodded in return.

"I know you," the two voices became one, in harmony:

"We were once in a beautiful paradise called Heaven."

Arthur took hold of your hands, drowning his gorgeous green eyes into yours. "I want to start over again," he got closer, placing his lips onto yours. "With you and only you."

You nodded and happily tossed your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss.

Arthur was yours again. And this was just like the story Yao, your Chinese friend told you.

"The red string of fate ties two lovers together through every lifetime, even in death and it's afterlife. No matter what, you'll find him again.

And this was the wonderful world that holds you and Arthur the whole way through.
I got the feels while writing this, and due to tablet problem - I had to rewrite it three times. Gah! I was about to give up.

This is a requested sequel to: [link]

I do not own Hetalia and mentioned characters, they belong to Himaruya Hidekaz respectively.

However, I do own the story and the plot.

Comments are appreciated.

And of course, you belong to England. <3 Our British gentleman.

The last line came from China, and a fellow deviant inspired me to it.

"~NanaTheFurret Oct 14, 2012  
Well you know what they say: the red string of fate ties two lovers together through every lifetime."

Thank YOU lovelies~
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