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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
"The gangs have been dealt with, Sir."

"They've been bothering (Name) for a year, and it's annoying me to the core. It's about damn time I do something about them." His lavender colored eyes shined in the moonlight as he exited the alleyway. 

Now he just had to go to your house and pretend nothing happened. 

Of course nothing happened. 

What had happened? 

Oh, you bet he doesn't know.

The doorbell rang at exactly twelve in the morning. You were happily sitting on your couch watching Cinderella, again. 

"Feliciano!" Your arms wrapped around his neck. "I missed you! Come in! These guys haven't been bothering me again! I couldn't have been happier. I wonder what happened to them though; they just disappeared within one night." 

Feliciano smirked. "I wonder as well. Let's not worry about them. We have things better to do, don't we?" 

"Wha-" You were about to plop back down onto your sofa as Feliciano single-handedly shut the door with a loud smack, scaring you. He came in closer as he dropped his lips onto yours forcefully. 

If he wasn't going to get it his way, then he'll fight for it. 

"F-Feli- Aah!" You were even more shocked when the Italian began nipping at your neck, sucking and leaving little love bruises, claiming his property. 

His skilled hands groped your breasts as he began fondling with them, kissing your fears away in a heartbeat. You gave in to him, knowing that there was basically no other way out of this mess. Though, you knew Feliciano wasn't a bad person either and you trusted him wholeheartedly. The Italian was quick to undress you as he began to unbutton your dress shirt, leaving you in only your bra. 

"Sei bellissima, amore." His flawless Italian only turned you on even more, willingly giving up your body to Feliciano. The Italian whispered more sweet nothings to your ear as he slowly took off your pajama pants, leaving you in your undergarment. 

"Bella, you are all that I want." Hearing him say so only made you lose control even more. 

You arched your back as Feliciano sensually takes off the underwear and enters two digits into your womanhood. You moan his name, eyes barely open from the pleasure received by only his fingers. 

"F-Feliciano- please," your voice began to plead. "I'm about to c-" 

"Then I shall withdraw." Feliciano was enjoying the displeasement on your face. "You know I like to put up a fight. And plus, bella..." The Italian tilted your chin with two of his fingers. "You're just so... delicious and delicate." The two fingers that had just entered you were placed into his mouth, where he lick the juice clean off of his digits. 

You only looked away, ashamed. When you had turned back around, his pants were already gone and his large, throbbing member was proudly shown in front of you. 

"I don't like boxers. They restrain me, and my freedom to do whatever I want." 

You took his member in hand; not knowing exactly what to do. "Suck it," Feliciano suggested. "Hard." 

You swallowed your saliva before nodding at his commands. You didn't know why you were so obedient, especially toward Feliciano. There was just something about him that turned you on. 

You placed the tip of him in your mouth, getting used to the new sensation. As the feelings grew closer, you took him in deeper in your mouth. Perhaps it was because Feliciano felt more pleasure, he fisted his hand into your hair and began pushing you down to take him in even more. Even Feliciano's breathing became uneven, and the sporadic moaning became more frequent. 

"Aaaaaaah, (Name)! I'm about to... about to... come!" Feliciano pushed deeper, pausing for a moment before fully letting go inside your mouth. "Swallow it all, bella. All of me." As he watched you, he couldn't help but feel proud of himself. He finally screwed the girl of his dream, and the feeling was mutual. 

"F-Feliciano?" His violet eyes turned to look at you, who now had your legs opened for him to enter. "C-Come." 

Oh, of course he couldn't resist.

The Italian did as she said, being as obedient as ever. 

He has never been this obedient; and he will never ever be other than with (Name) in bed. 

Feliciano placed himself at your entrance as he plunged in. 

You were his territory; so there was no need for permission to enter, of course. 

Oh, and she feels so good...

"Y-You're so t-tight, (Name)!" Feliciano thrusted harder and harder with each push, supporting your legs on his shoulder. 

"F-Feliciano! Ah! Ah!" You had no chance to speak as he hit your G-spot. "Oh yes! T-That's it!" 

The fierce Italian hit the spot several more times. "H-Here? B-Bella!?" You nodded as Feliciano plunged back in. 

Swear and sweat filled the room as the groans and moans were equally loud. 

"H-Harder!" Feliciano did as he was commanded. 

"I-I'm about to, ah! Come!" 

"P-Please!" The beg and plead in your voice was unbelievable. 

"C-Can I inside?" 

You had no comment, which the Italian took as a yes. 

Feliciano thrusted in several more times as he then stop, hands on the bed - moaning and releasing within you, with you groaning in pleasure and releasing as well. 

"Feliciano..." You looked him in his lavender eyes. 

"Ti amo." He looked away. 

He never said those words before. Would you be afraid knowing that he was a cold-blood, merciless killer?

"Me too," you grinned. "Me too." 

"Sei pronti per un altro giro, bella?" 

You didn't understand, but understood after he carried you to the bedroom and started the love-making all over again. 
I feel really dirty after writing it but it feels good too. Is that a good thing? Commission for chasjade! I'm sorry I couldn't perfect 2P!Italy. First time writing with 2P!Italy; and a lemon with Italy in general. I'm sorry!

I do not own Hetalia, or any characters mentioned from Hetalia. They belong to Himaruya Hidekaz respectively. I own only the story and the plot.

The Italian Dictionary:

1. Sei bellissima, amore. - You are beautiful, my love.
2. Sei pronto per un altro giro, bella? - Are you ready for another round, girl?

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Actually, Donna means woman. Ragazza means girl. Bella can actually differ depending on how the sentence is. If you say, „Tu sei bella,” you're saying 'you are beautiful.' If you say something like „Tu sei carina, bella,” you're saying 'you are cute, beautiful girl.' It's kind of confusing, but coming from a language that has about six different variations of the words 'wrote', 'write', and 'writing.' Sorry if this was lengthy... ^^;
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