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October 1, 2012
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"W-What do you mean, General Beilschmidt?" You were trying to speak without stuttering.

"You did train for six hours yesterday, isn't that right?" He smirked as you let out a small sigh.

"Y-Yes. That is correct." You replied shakily, still a bit afraid that your secret was spoiled.

"Well, another competition, shall we?" He immediately changed the subject, grabbing a pair of earplugs, and began to steady himself at the stand, holding his own handgun in place. He closed one of his gorgeous blue eyes, then turned to look at you as if to ask you if you were ready.

"Sure." You grabbed the gun off of the table, and began to shoot at the board, as you heard him do the same.

After six bullets shot from your handgun on both sides, you removed your earplugs, then turned to look at General Beilschmidt. You stood behind him as he studied your shooting board. You watch him nod his head, satisfied.

"It's been so long since I had a close competition, (L/N)." You looked at his board.

It was all perfect.

He did earn his place to be the General of the army, and he deserved it rightfully.

"Looking at my board?" General Beilschmidt turned, looking at you. You looked down on the floor, ashamed.

"Sorry, Sir." You apologized.

"Just remember," he walked to the exit. "Don't listen to others." You felt your cheeks light up again at the thought of his words. General Beilschmidt nodded and walked out, with you hailing a moment after he exited.

You walked back to your room, it seemed almost like a long ride.

As you walked, you kept thinking to yourself about General Beilschmidt.

His strictness sometimes scared you greatly, but his smile was always a reward for you.

You stopped dead in your track, thinking what you had just said.

Were you falling for your own General? You had to suppress your feeling for him, you were a woman, but you knew how to hold your own. You continued to walk back to your room without thinking about General Beilschmidt again.


You continue next morning's training as usual, with each training session beginning to get tougher. You, however continue to brace yourself with extra training with General Beilschmidt after daily training.

"War is approaching, isn't it?" You ask your General, sitting up.

"Soon should be the time." You nodded at his quick answer.


The bell rang endlessly as soldiers ran around the camp, trampling the ground hardly.

"War! War! Prepare the tank!" You ran to grab your jacket as you hastily toss on your combat boots, running out to find your General.

The tanks were rolling out of the large garage as you ran to the gun storage, grabbing your rifle.

"General Beilschmidt!" The General's name was being called from afar as you turned your head at the cry.

You climbed your way to the top of the cropped building, aiming; ready to fire at any moment if an enemy was to pass by.

A soldier dropped down on his stomach next to you, his helmet covering his face.

"Ready?" Rumbling began nearly as the Germans prepare their tanks, getting devised for their attack upon the enemy.

"Always." The soldier replied as he removed his helmet, revealing General Beilschmidt's messy blonde hair and his blue eyes. You hailed and apologized immediately upon knowing this fact.

Tanks began to fire in the distance, loudly crumbling buildings. You restrained yourself from crying.

This was life.

You felt your General pull you down the stairs and into the open, then hiding behind a bush, whom was still not yet revealed to the world.

"Quiet, soldier." He scolded as you were about to speak. General Beilschmidt aimed his gun at an enemy soldier, pulling the trigger mercilessly. An enemy immediately shot back, wounding his leg. He winced for a second in pain before trying to get himself up, but it was only an impossible matter.

"(L/N), I want you to get out of h-"

There was no way you could leave him here.

Absolutely no way.

You placed the man's heavy arm over your shoulder as you lifted him up. The training paid off directly. You began to set off, wanting to bring him to a safe place as bombs were being set off, rocks hitting your face, sand entering your eyes and your General limping as you went.

You got to a wooded area as you could finally relax your pace a little bit. "I'm sorry," you heard your General sigh out. "And I'm supposed to be the one protecting my soldiers."

"Don't say that, General Beilschmidt. Soldiers are supposed to aid the General at times of trouble and especially war."

A bullet flew right above your head, merely just missing.

Has an enemy found you?

"(L/N)-" You interrupted him as you aimed your gun to the direction of the enemy. "Northeast." You pointed northeast, radar scanning.

You pulled the trigger and the man fell on his knees, then finally dying without last words.


Nighttime had replaced the morn, as the moon shined brightly onto your tent with General Beilschmidt.

You sighed. You had your first kill.

"First kill is always painful." You heard General Beilschmidt say as he seemed to have read your mind. You nodded at him quickly, dismissing the displeasing thoughts. "Has anyone told you before that you have some feminine traits, (L/N)?"

You blanked. Has he found out? You touched your chest unknowingly. Had he touched your breasts?! How did-

"I didn't mean to sound abrasive and rude. I just realized. I mean, the long hair would make you the perfect woman." Your cheeks redden as he just called you a perfect woman. Though your hair... was the only thing missing to be that perfect woman. Was that his ideal woman? You wondered.

"I've had lots of that, General."

"Don't you wish we could have our competitions again?" The General's eyes averted to the sky, looking up at many stars; shining brightly in the night horizons.

"War is such a sorrowful thing to speak about." You only replied. "I wish I never had to deal with this. Just living happily ever after with the one I love."

"One day," you heard him answer, still looking into the sky. "We'll all have a happy ending somehow. Just wish for it."

"Don't you have a wife to return to, General?"

"No," you heard him say. "Just three dogs." You laughed at his answer as General Beilschmidt did the same.

A hearty laugh was all it took for the bond of two to remain closer.

You then stood up, walking into the tent.

"I'll watch guard in another hour, Sir." You hailed.

General Beilschmidt hailed back with a smirk for the first time as he continued to stay put.

He was handsome.

Why couldn't you just... tell him?


"(L/N)," your General shook you hastily. "Wake up." You opened your eyes to greet the sun.

Did he keep guard all night?

"I'm sorry, General Beilschmidt..."

"What for?" His look of confusion shocked you. Shouldn't he be angry?

"I didn't wake up for my guarding duty."

"That's alright. I didn't keep guard all night. I went to sleep. The enemy didn't come by for five hours, so I suppose we were safe."


So he came in and slept in the tent with you?

No wonder why the sheets were warmer than expected. "I-I see."

"I must say, there was nothing that separated us last night. Except your chest." Your General leaned closer to your face as your cheeks grew redder. "Who are you. You are not a man." His questions came out harsher than expected and it scared you, leaving you bolting upright.


How could you fight out of this one?

You didn't know.

You only kept quiet.

General Beilschmidt grabbed your green military collar, repeating his question.

"Who are you." The General's voice was even colder than the time he was protecting you from the soldier back in the camp.

You were in deep trouble.
So. There's no preview picture this time.

Cause' I'm uploading on a mobile device...


... Kidding. I'm uploading in a rush. See? I make no sense.

So. I would first like to thank you all for helping me make this series a success!

There are two more chapters, and possibly some spin-off stories here and there... ~ You shall know what happens soon enough...

You (c) :icongermanyispleasedplz:
Germany (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Plot (c) ~HillsOfSilence
Inspired partially by Mulan and my textbook.

What do you think happens next? Leave me comments!

Chapter One: [link]
Chapter Two: [link]
Chapter Three: You are here!
Chapter Four: [link]
Chapter Five: [link]
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