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May 2, 2013
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"So he basically wants you to have a girlfriend," the American spoke, sitting in front of his closest - a Brit with thousands of troubled running across his faded mind. "before giving you that ton of money."

The British man didn't speak a sound, but the American knew exactly the situation and the solution. "Well, I do have an idea on what you can do." Green eyes trailed up in interest. "Rent a girl."

"Rent?" The blue eyed boy nodded. "Are you kidding you bloody git!?" The Englishman grabbed his collar.

"Get off me, dude! So not cool!"

Arthur, the Englishman released his collar tie. "I'm serious, dude. Just rent a girl and rehearsal a script. It's not that hard. Then once you get the money, you pay her and that's that."

Arthur rethought. It wasn't a bad idea. Not bad at all. "Where do you find these t-things, wanker?"

"Anywhere. But first! You have to interview them, and do background checks. You won't want some serial killer in your house, right?"

"Alfred, I cannot believe you actually have an executable plan."

Alfred, the American grinned. "My plans are always the best! I'm the hero!"


Arthur decided to seek an agency of models, but they were too flamboyant for his image. His eyes went to the cafe shop window as he saw a girl with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes, shining from the sun. Arthur was attracted, almost like a magnet pulling him toward you.

Soon, he was already entering the cafe. "Excuse me?"

Your head shot up. "Does anyone sit here?"

"No, feel free." You smiled at him.

"I'm Arthur Kirkland. What about you?"

"I'm (Name) (last name). Pleasure to meet you."

"No," Arthur replied. "The pleasure is mine to meet someone as beautiful as you."

You chuckled. "I have a sudden request, (Name)."

"What is it?" You placed your coffee down on the small plate.

"My father wants me to bring home a girl before he goes. He left a huge inheritance, but the only way I'm obtaining that money is by bringing home a girl."

"You want me to go with you?" Arthur's head nodded slowly. "When?"

"Saturday evening would be best," Arthur answered, almost sounding desperate.

"Today is Saturday," you replied, looking at your watch. "What do I get out of this?"

"I honestly don't know as of now how much I will inherit." Arthur sighed.

"I'm joking," you shook your head at his cluelessness. "I'll help you without anything. That's what friends are for."

"But I wasn't joking," Arthur's eyes pierced through yours. "I'll rent you for a night."

You sighed, dealing to his offer of renting.

"I'll pick you up tonight at eight," you wrote your address down for him. "This is my number."


Eight o' clock came sooner than it should.

A honk outside got you looking out your apartment window, as a limo was parked outside - shining in its old glory.

"I'm outside."

You stepped out, making sure that you locked your doors safely. Arthur stepped out of the car in his daringly sexy tuxedo, opening the side door for you before returning. You didn't look bad either; a blue strapless gown with blue heels. Simple, clean and pure.

"You look simply beautiful, (Name)." A faint blush made way to your face.

"Thank you, Arthur." The car bumped and steered. Was it too unfortunate that one of the tires got flattened, or was it just planned? Your head fell onto Arthur's shoulder as you felt weight being added onto your lap. Blonde, unruly hair were bunched against your lap as you stroke his strands - with Arthur groaning and swatting your hand away.

His green eyes slowly open to bore into yours. "I thought I would rent you for a night, but now I think I might have to rent you forever - if that's possible."

"A-Arthur..." Your voice was no longer heard.

"It was a love at first sight. Really. I hope you feel the same. I don't know how to express myself any longer. But I can use action to prove myself righteous."

The Englishman's hand cupped your cheeks, briefly bringing your face closer to his. Just a centimeter before touching, he whispered inaudible words before leaning in to kiss your lips. The driver came back in a moment later before he pulled away from you, returning to his former posture in his leather seat.

The gate also pulled open to a mansion as the car parked itself by the driver. "What are we doing here?"

"This is my house." Your eyes grew in shock, letting out a gasp at the amazing exterior designs and large pool.

The door automatically opened with the check of Arthur's fingerprint by the lock. It was amazing technology installed everywhere around the property. "Father, I'm home."

"Ah, Arth-Who is the young lass?"

You bowed in courtesy. "My girlfriend, father."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kirkland. I'm (Name) (last name)."  

"And it is a pleasure for me as well. Have a seat, (Name). You seem like a wonderful girl with manners." The older man nodded to himself. "I'm quite impressed, Arthur."

"Yes." Was Arthur's only reply.

"I can insure my inheritance to you then, seeing that you have made an effort to create a family of your own. And to have found such a proper girl as (Name), I'm extremely pleased to have her as my daughter."

"Please, sir. You're flattering me." Your head went down in embarrassment.

"Or is it because my son isn't treating you right?" Mr. Kirkland's eyes shifted to Arthur.

"T-That's not true, Mr. Kirkland. I love Arthur."

"As I love (Name) as well, Father."

Your eyes adverted to the Englishman as you felt his eyes on yours as well. You turned away after the slightest moment of eye contact.

"Good, good." Mr. Kirkland nodded, satisfied. "When will I be expecting a marriage?"

"F-Father, we're just starting. You can't possibly be true on your words." Arthur was stuttering.

Mr. Kirkland let out a hearty laugh, filling the room. "I was kidding, but in all other words - I do have to congratulate you two. Arthur, you found a great lass."

The rest of the dinner went awfully well. Mr. Kirkland often asked questions about you, and about your status. Though one thing he didn't know was you were a fake; that you were just a rented doll.


"I can just take the taxi home." You were now standing in front of Arthur's residence.

"No, I would not allow that. A lady who has helped me, yet I'm sending her home in a taxi? What kind of gentleman am I?"

"Was what you said true?" Your eyes gazed at your floor. The Englishman looked away, nodding his head - his face a slight red. "Arthur?"

Arthur moved over to you, arms snaking around you. His breath tingled your ear as he brushed a strand behind your earlobe.

"I love you."

"Arthur..." Your voice lost timidly in the air.

"What I said was true," Arthur's heart was beating stronger than usual. "I don't want to rent you for a night. I want to own you forever. I was attracted you like a little magnetic pole and malleable iron."

All you could do was whisper his name to the moon.

"Would you?"

"But we barely know each other."

"If you would just give me time," Arthur held you closer to him. "You will learn everything about me. As I will know everything about you. I'll be willing to learn.Please, just give me a chance."

You let out a small chuckle, wrapping your arms around his waist. "I love you too, Arthur."


"I thought we would have a small relationship, but when you asked if you could rent me for a night, I was so angry. But now, maybe I don't regret it as much." You laughed. "I'll learn to accept everything about you because I love you. I don't say I love you now because you're affluent, but it's because of who you truly is."

Arthur smiled.

"I love you, (Name)." His forehead lie against yours.

"I love you too, Arthur."

It was no longer a rent for a night, but a lifetime contract that will last forever.
The long title was suppose to be Rich!England x Reader... But it wouldn't fit and it looked hideous without the period and spacing.

Give me longer spacing to write titles, gosh dA!

I hope you all enjoy this... It was a side that I wrote because I got tired of doing my commissions... (And they're all OCs... TvT).

I do not own anything from Hetalia, nor any of its characters. They belong to Himaruya Hidekaz respectively. I only own the story and the plot.
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England: would you?
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yep XD
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England: Can I rent you for the night?
Me: O////O *blushes so read that roses and tomatoes grow jealous*
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Me: THEYRE CROSSOVERING IN MY HEAD! I CAN'T TAKE IT! *head explodes in a flurry of sparkles*
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Me: *turns around to see slenderman*
Me: Well, I'm screwed. WAIT. *has a demonic butler, because she wants revenge on her parents for leaving her<I used an OC for this story>* Abigail!
Abigail: Yes, master?
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