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January 26, 2013
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You sat down with the Nordics as you saw Mathias shuffle uncomfortably in his spot right next to Lukas and Tino. 

The meeting was hosted by Berwald today, the tall, serious Swedish man who knew everything around the house. 

"What's the serious deal?" You sat right next to Berwald, looking at the other four Nordics one by one. 

"Mathias." Lukas first stated. 

"Girl." Emil then continued. 

"Problem." Tino, the usual energized Finnish spirit gone from him. Your eyes became sullen at the thought of the Dane falling for someone other than yourself. 

"In fact, he doesn't know how to approach her and ask her out on dates." Berwald completed. 

"Well, girls usually like guys to be blunt with their feelings - at least, that's me. No girls like guys to keep their feelings to themselves all the time. Be sure to be polite, too. Manner is an etiquette." You placed a hand on a chin, to think of more but know that your crush already had someone in mind dumps that whole thought into the drain. 

"Is it really that simple?" Mathias spoke up quietly, and calmly - unlike his usual loud self. 

"It's not that complicated, Mathias." You smiled as he blushed, with the Nordics exiting the room one by one; each with a similar excuse. 

Mathias, being the only one in the room rose from his chair and now stood in front of your eyes. The blonde took your hands in his, next embracing you in his warm body. "M-Mathias...?" 

"I love you," the Dane firmly stated, with his chin placed on top of your head, arms wrapped around you. 

"I understand you need some practice so you don't mess up with the girl you like." You grinned as Mathias pulled away to look into your (eye color) orbs. 

"I'm not practicing. I love you, and no one else." 

"You're kidding, and you know it." You fake some laughs as Mathias remained serious. 

"This is not a joke, (Name)," the Dane chastised. "I love you." You only remained silent.  "I'll prove it." 

Mathias gathered his courage as he leaned down to kiss you, lips fully on yours - staying there for about a few minutes before parting away. "Do you believe me now?" 

"Mathias," your eyes began tearing. "I love you too. I've been loving you for a while now." 

"So have I... For five years to be exact." The Dane disheveled his hair in embarrassment. 

"Well, now. We're together." You were only lifted by Mathias that you kissed him again. 


"Pay up, pay up." Berwald was collecting money from Lukas, who thought Mathias wasn't going to get (Name). 

At this point in time, they were hiding behind the wall. "Shocking, isn't it." Lukas half-growled his statement. 

"Ah, another happy ending. I'm glad!" Tino clapped his hands together softly, smiling. 

"Lukas. You also have to pay me." Emil, his younger brother blurted. 


"You also had a bet with me about them." 

Lukas reached into his pocket. "I ran out of money."

"That's too bad," Emil replied. "I'll be taking your bunny as interest then." 

"Don't you dare lay your finger on my bunny!" Emil only ran up the stairs as all the other Nordics followed; except for you and Mathias who were still busy. 
Last piece of pricing to :iconresistance33:! She wanted a Denmark x Reader. She has it.

You (c) :iconsexydenmarkplz:
Denmark and Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz respectively.
Story and plot by =HillsOfSilence. Please do not copy my work and take it for your own credit. If you wish to translate or share my work, please ask before you do or give credit when you link my work, and be sure to provide me with your work link for proper citation.


Any critism are welcomed; as well as comments and favorites (I like comments).
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