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March 5, 2013
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"What do you mean," Ludwig crocked his eyebrow. "Germancest, (Name)?"

"It's you and Gilbert, Luddy." He watched in confusion.

"Like, friends or bruders, or?"

You shook your head. "Sex, my dear." You watched as his face grew pale, and you could see mental images growing in his kinky mind.

Ludwig shivered. "That's never going to happen," he paused. "Nein... Nein..."

"Well, I mean. A lot of girls definitely support Gil and yourself." You paused to emphasize your next words. "In bed."

"(Name)!" He scolded loudly as the front door unlocked itself. "Who's there!?"

"It's me, the Awesomeness!"

"Bruder, you could at least call (Name) or myself to unlock the door for you..."

"Ja, but I could pick the lock too!"

Gilbert watched your face grow pale.

Gilbert's arm flung over your shoulder. "What's the matter, frau?"

"I think Ludwig would be appreciative of you picking his lock, Mr. Awesomeness..."

"Ja, but he's my younger bruder! I have the right to enter! Plus, who wouldn't want the Awesomeness in the house?"

"Anyways, Gilbert. What do you think of Germancest?"

"Was ist that!?"


After explaining what Germancest was to Gilbert, he watched his red eyes open wider and wider.


Ludwig nodded his head in acceptance of his brother's answer.

"But why not?" You subtly murmured a "I ship it you guys too..."

"What, (Name)?"

"N-Nothing. But why not Germancest?"

Ludwig put his heavy arm on Gilbert's shoulder. "It's just not going to happen. We're bruders."

You took out your camera. "Can you guys at least pose a Germancest for me?"

You felt the two brothers look at each other, look at you and took a deep breath.

"No way!"

You only sank down in your seat, pouting as the two German brothers inspect your saddened face.

"Though," Gilbert started. "We both can give you a kiss, right?" Gilbert looked to the right where Ludwig was standing. "Bruder?"

"J-Ja," the blonde German man blushed deeply. "We can do that."

The two Germans bent over to your height as they both gave you a peck on your two redden cheeks.

You then giggled and let out a smile that they both enjoyed seeing on your face.
Doesn't Germany and Prussia make the whole day way better? :heart:

I do not own the Hetalia characters. Germany, and Prussia belong to Himaruya Hidekaz respectively.
I own the Germany x Reader Series (Germany Reaction) and the plot, as well as the story. Please do not take, nor steal without permission, or credit. Download is, however - available for your enjoyment.

Feedback and comments are well regarded, and are welcomed. Critiques are not open at this time. Thank you for your participation in giving your feedback. Your voice is heard - even if I do not reply them.

I'm on a hiatus, so it will take me longer to update now. Please give me time. Thank you.

Commissions are, however - open. Please note me instead of commenting on my profiles, or this deviation.

Thank you.
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