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February 25, 2013
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“'I think I’m ok to take off the ice now. The cold is starting to bother me,' He said. You took the ice off his head and put it on the side table. His head remained in your lap and you started to stroke his hair. The first time you touched his curl he gasped a little but you thought you just touched the spot where he hit his head so you continued stroking, avoiding that area. As you stroked his hair you kept hitting the curl, every time you did so he blushed and his pants got increasingly tight, which you couldn’t see. You did notice his squirming though.

You loved his curl, you thought it was so adorable. He never let you go near it before so given the opportunity started to play with it, you just couldn’t help yourself. You started twirling it around your finger and rubbing it, it took all of Feli’s strength to not start to moan in pleasure.

Suddenly he reached his breaking point. He abruptly sat up and turned to you. His amber eyes met your sparkling (e/c) eyes. You barely registered the longing in his eyes when suddenly his lips were on yours..."

Your head tilted back as you heard a small wince. You slap shut the computer screen as you realize it was already too late to hide anything.

Ludwig had saw all of it.

"Hi, Luddy..."

"One of those lemons, I assume?" You watch him move to the counter to fetch a cup of water.

"Not every fan-fiction is necessarily a lemon, Luddy. Though, I'm glad you remember what's a lemon." You grinned.

"Who is it with this time?" Ludwig brought the cup of water to his lips, tilting it upward.


Water splashed out of Ludwig's mouth.

"Wait, wait! Italy? Feliciano?! That Italian?! That dummkopf?!"

You nodded as Ludwig facepalmed.

"Do you want to read it with me, Ludwig?"

Ludwig kind of just ran out of there.


"But why~?" You whined as you also broke into a strive of laughter.
Well, this is the 6th one. I'm so busy lately that I forget everything on the Internet.

The excerpt used in the beginning of the story is [link] by ~AngelofItalia.

Hetalia and all characters mentioned do not belong to me. They belong to Himaruya Hidekaz.
I only own the plot, and the story (before the beginning, of course).

Comments, and all other feedbacks are heard. I reply to them... (Most).
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