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November 23, 2012
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The train tossed itself on the tracks as you rode it Downtown to work after spending another night with your boyfriend Uptown in his fancy house that he called "Gilbert and Gilbird's Nest". 

The train bounce itself up again as you sigh, thinking about sleep and nothing else. 

The train stopped as a loud explosion under the tunnels occurred, the event stopping the train immediately by its emergency brake. As if it was unreal, your head slammed against the window. Eyes blurring out, the last thing you felt was the blood dripping down your head. 

Your conscious fell short. 

You didn't know what was going to happen. 

"I'm sorry, Gil. I can't be here long enough with you. That is not awesome, isn't it... I'll watch over you..." 


With Gilbird chirping on his shoulder, his ruby eyes fix itself onto the television to watch his favorite show. 

"It is breaking news on your HomeChannel, 80. 

"How dare you interrupt my favorite sh-" Gilbert was about to throw the remote at the television as the woman continue to speak through the electronic. 

"We have a report claiming that a suspected attack was planned on the Y line this morning with full passengers on the loaded trains. However, the deaths and injuries are not yet reported. Please stay tune for any updated news on this incident. 

He hurriedly tried to call you over his phone. 

But there was no answer. 

Then he received a call from the hospital. "Excuse me? Is this (Name) (Last name)'s relative?" 

You had always been an orphan, raised by a sister from the church. 

"Yeah, I am." 

"This is St. Mary's hospital. We have someone's phone; (Name) (Last name)'s phone. And we saw you under the tag line of family, so we gave you a call." 

"How is she!?" 

"She's in stable condition. No harm, she hit her head, so she's not awake yet." 

"Thanks, I'll come over now." 

Gilbert hung up on the phone, and ran out the door in his casual jeans and T-shirt. 

"The injuries and deaths have been released. There are a total of 240 deaths and 400 injured in this incident."


Gilbert had arrived in the hospital ten minutes after he ran out of the house. He approached the counter furiously, "I liked to check for a patient named (Name) (Last name) from the train incident!" 

"I'll check that for you right away, sir..." The nurse computed several numbers and letters here and there as she replied, "Room 160, sir." As soon as the words spew out of her mouth, Gilbert paced down the halls in search of the room. 

He wanted to see how you were. 

The Prussian twisted the doorknob and saw your sleeping face, which he - undoubtedly adored, never admitting it. He pulled the nearby chair to your bedside, holding your hand and brushing his fingers across your cheeks. 

"(Name), liebe... You have to wake up..." 

"Who said I wasn't awake...?" Your (e/c) eyes look into his ruby ones, radiating a small smile from your lips. 

"They told me you were still out, and I got so frantically lost. I thought you were gone already from the incident, I was so scared, liebe..." 

"Well I'm here now, aren't I?" You watch his white hair shuffle as he nods, kissing your fingers. "Where's Gilbird?" 

"In the awesome nest; I was rushing out to you..." 

You smiled. He could forget something as important as Gilbird for you. You were really happy. 

"Gil," the Prussian turn to look at you with nothing other than full attention. "I love you." 

It was now Gilbert's turn to smile. 

Gilbert only replied in his native tongue, "Ich liebe dich auch, mein frau." 

You let out a giggle as you saw Gilbert stand up and hover over you, leaning down to give you a kiss that he never broke. 

"I really love you, Gil." 

"So do I." Your hand only land on his soft white hair as you dishevel it, kissing him on the lips again.
It has been a while since I wrote a Prussia x Reader. Hope I didn't fail at my long attempt to do it again. This was a commission for *VikVargas! I hope she liked it and did not fail her expectations maybe.

You (c) :iconprussiawinkplz:
Prussia and Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) =HillsOfSilence.

All rights goes to its respective owner(s). Please do not recopy this work on any other sites!
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